Welcome to Christoffer Lillhage

Christoffer Lillhage, Scandinavian Tank Storage

Welcome to the newest member of our team, Christoffer Lillhage!

Christoffer will take the role as Director, Business Development and Energy Transition. He has been working at the Port of Gothenburg for the past 9 years.

The first 7 years as Operation Manager in the Energy port and after that as Business Development Manager, Energy with a strong focus on the Energy Transition. Christoffer also have a background from the Oil and Gas industry in the Norwegian offshore sector.

– For the last years I have worked to promote the green transition in the shipping commmunity and facilitating the use of alternative fuels.

– I have learned that for this to become reality we need strong collaboration and a functional value chain! Therefor I am very glad to continue my involvement as I am taking on the role as Director, Business Development and Energy transition for Scandinavian Tankstorage AB.

– In my view utilisation of tank storage will continue to play a vital part for the traditional and future energies for a long time, so it is with great excitement I embark on this new journey.

We look forward to all the great contributions he will make to our team.

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