Scandinavian Tank Storage AB is a privately owned, independent storage company for petroleum based products and bio fuels. Since forming back in 1993, we have been guided by the simple philosophy of combining professionalism and cost-efficiency to stimulate good business and make life easier for our customers.

Always adopting a long-term, personal approach when dealing with our clients and associates, we see ourselves more as a proactive partner than a supplier of services. In addition, our awareness of market requirements and solutions-orientated approach mean we currently hold a market-leading position in the Nordic region.

Our modern terminals are capable to handle distribution as well as strategic storage, storage for arbitrage business and contango storage. The company’s expert workforce of around 20 employees has long and extensive experience in the industry, and many of its owners play an active role in the firm, ensuring a high level of commitment and speedy decision making. We also focus strongly on expansion and development, together with our customers and partners.



We continually strive to provide market-leading solutions for all types of storage needs, in both caverns and tanks, operating 24 hours a day.

All our storage facilities are situated in strategic, carefully selected locations across the Nordic region, our flexibility and wide range of solutions enable us to store a selection of products and qualities.

Through ownership, joint ventures and long-term partnership agreements, we can always provide large storage capacity and innovative solutions at competitive prices. Our pursuit of the highest standards and security means we continually invest in new technology and effective infrastructure at our terminals.

Our total storage capacity is almost four million cubic metres. Our business is spanning from the largest crude storage in Scandinavia, 1,4 million cubic meters based in Gothenburg, to supplies of jet fuel to Keflavik international airport.



There is a high level of expertise on sustainable development throughout the organisation, which forms a key part of our operations. We also cooperate closely with our partners and the authorities. The company takes proactive actions in the energy transition. Our activities are governed by strict licensing procedures, and compliance with legislation is a minimum requirement. We always strive to remain one step ahead, this means continually adapting our environmental measures in accordance with the latest technologies and expertise. Our responsible, holistic approach is directly linked to the trust which others place in us, which is fully aligned with our own values.

Energy in STS operations is sourced from sustainable energy and STS terminal business (STS hf) in Iceland is now CO₂ neutral after a carbon offset. Keflavik is one of very few international airports that are 100% CO₂ neutral. STS mission is to be CO₂ neutral in all terminal operations by 2027.


Our office in Gothenburg

Sven Källfelts gata 201,
426 71 VF Göteborg, Sweden
Switchboard: +46 31 769 00 00
Operations: +46 31 769 00 10

Our office in Malmö

Oljevägen 28, 211 24 Malmö, Sweden
Phone: +46 40 689 18 59

Our office in Iceland

Hlidasmari 4, 201 Kopavogur, Iceland