Continued investment in energy

Continued investment in energy/oil in Karlshamn:

Scandinavian Tank Storage and Port of Karlshamn to set up a company and take over the oil stockholding in Karlskrona.

Scandinavian Tank Storage – STS has now formed a jointly-owned company with Port of Karlshamn. The purpose of the new company Karlshamn Tank Storage AB is to increase the storage capacity for biofuels and petroleum products in Karlshamn by as much as another 60,000 cubic metres. 22,000 of these will be created as Port of Karlshamn is now taking over the storage capacity of Karlskrona, by moving three tanks to Karlshamn. In total, the investment is estimated to approximately SEK 100 million.

“There has been a great demand for tank storage over the last few years, and we therefore look at the future with confidence for the continued expansion and the increased collaboration with Port of Karlshamn” says Claes Jacobsson, Managing Director of Scandinavian Tank Storage.

“Karlshamn has an excellent geographical position in relation to the great Russian oil export, which—in combination with the port’s excellent facilities, expertise and experience—strengthens the pro-Karlshamn argument” says Claes Jacobsson.

“We view this investment and the jointly-owned company as a natural development of an accrued and efficient collaboration that we established with STS over a number of years. Collaboration in the form of a jointly-owned company is completely in line with our ambition to build up product flows that generate new business. In this collaboration, various agents contribute with additional expertise and direction” says Mats Olsson, Port of Karlshamn CEO.

The transport of the tanks from Karlskrona to Karlshamn is well underway, but the actual move will take place by sea in July. The construction work in the new location was carried out in the spring.

The Port of Karlshamn is one of the largest oil ports in the country, with a storage capacity of approximately 500,000 cubic metres of caverns and tanks. Each year, more than 2 million tonnes of oil and chemical products are processed in Karlshamn. The activities in Karlshamn include a petroleum depot that supplies the southeast of Sweden as well as intermediate storage. Included in this storage is, for example, strategic contingency storage.

The oil industry is of great financial importance to the port of Karlshamn.

This information is published by Scandinavian Tank Storage AB and Karlshamns Hamn AB

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